What is the main origin of Kratom?



In the world of narcotics, there are several kinds of drugs that are not to be overlooked at all. All drugs have an origin from plants. Some of these plants are not very vocal, but are actually there and sometimes prove to be stronger or weaker than the ones we usually know. This is the example of the plant called kratom. In the following, you will have an explanation of what the Kratom is.

What is kratom?

The kratom also called Mitragyna speciosa Korth is a tree in the Rubiaceae family. Go to the link for more information https://www.factsyoumustknow.com/. Indeed, the kratom is a tree that measures between 4 and 16 m high. It is much more cultivated in South Asia, in the Philippines, New Guinea and Thailand. It is also cultivated in other countries, but not as much as those mentioned above. Actually, the name Kratom is of Thai origin. The fact is that it is the tree that is called Mitragyna, and it is now the products or preparation obtained from the tree and the tree itself that are called Kratom by the Thai.

Another generalization about Kratom

Being much more cultivated in Thailand, the Mytragina tree occupies a good place in the tradition of this country. Kratom leaves are widely used at home as tea. They are hardly smoked at all. The low dose of kratom leaves gives the Thai people a stimulating effect, which allows them to work without getting tired. On the other hand, the high dose of kratom leaves most often has a drug effect or more precisely a narcotic sedative effect. The kratom also acts as opium for some Thai people, but for the old people in this case. It is clear from all this that kratom was originally a plant that originated mainly in Thailand.

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