Missing man found after more than two weeks in the Australian bush

Police said in a recent report that a man, who has been missing for two and a half weeks in the Australian bush, has been found alive. The police added that he survived on mushrooms and dam water that he found. 

Authorities also said Weber was taken to the hospital after suffering from exposure, but he is otherwise “safe and well.”

The missing man was last seen with his dog

The police commenced an extensive search for Robert Weber, 58, who was last seen leaving a hotel Kilkivan Queensland, on January 6 with his dog.

 After he was declared missing, the authorities searched the area’s dense bushland, rivers, dams, and steep terrain in extremely wet conditions. The search party was called off after a week when no signs of him were discovered.

Robert Weber was discovered early on Sunday morning, 18 days after he was last seen by a property owner, who spotted him near a dam. His dog is still missing.

Weber describes his ordeal in the bush

Weber told authorities and news channels that he became lost after trying to avoid traffic.

“I was due home that night. I was on my jolly way back home.” It was bumper-to-bumper traffic, so I thought I’ll swing a right and go up the mountain and come down the other side,” he said. “I made a split-second decision of error and paid 18 days for it.”

 Police said Weber’s car became “bogged down” on a road he was unfamiliar with. They also added that he stayed in his car with his dog for three days, before running out of water.

 “He left on foot and became lost and remained at a dam where he survived by sleeping on the ground, drinking dam water, and eating mushrooms,” Queensland police said in a statement.

 “I had no shelter. I passed out. My body couldn’t cope,” Weber said. “That was the misery part of it.”

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