Everything you need to know to become a true chef.



Cooking is a very interesting activity. It's a bit magical how by mixing elements one after the other, adding the right spices and at the right temperature, you can have a meal as good as the magic potion of panoramix. There are a few foolproof recipes you can learn to become a Michelin-starred chef.

Some tips to not miss any recipe.

Concentration is the key to not missing any recipe for more keys you can check this website https://www.things-you-must-know.com/. Follow the instructions to the letter and above all continue to practice to finally be able to cook without looking at any recipe. Now if you are not patient you will not be able to succeed in your recipes.

Crêpes and pancakes.

These two recipes are undoubtedly some of the simplest. To make good crêpes for yourself you will need an egg, 20 cl of milk a pinch of salt a tablespoon of sugar, and 14 g of melted butter, of course, wheat flour about 60 g. The recipe is really simple, you just have to mix all the dry ingredients then make a well in the middle add the egg, and mix everything while gradually incorporating the milk. Finally, add the melted butter hop you can cook your pancakes.
Another good dish is pancakes to make your pancakes you keep the same ingredients with now 8Og of flour and a teaspoon of baking powder. And you follow the same recipe.

An omelet.

To make a good omelet you need two eggs a tomato, onion and about 5g green onions you can add anything you want even mushrooms or bacon and spices. Heat a pan on low heat and add two tablespoons of peanut oil. In a container break your two eggs and add all your vegetables don't forget the pepper and salt beat everything and cook everything in your pan for about three minutes. Turn your omelet and let it cook again for about a minute serve it hot with well-buttered toast and hot coffee.

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