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Sign up to speak before the Planning Board – General

To speak on an item on the Planning Board's agenda, please fill in the blanks below. To find an item number go to the relevant Planning Board agenda. Online sign-up is available until 4p.m. on the day before the meeting. On the day of the meeting, please see the Board clerk to sign up to speak.

Applicants planning to appear before the board also should sign up in advance.
NOTE: Once you have signed up to speak on an item before the Planning Board, your name becomes part of the official public record.

Instructions and Important Information

  1. Public hearings are conducted pursuant to the Planning Board’s Rules of Procedure, available online at the Board’s website.
  2. To testify on an item on the Board’s agenda, please fill out this form and give it to the Board’s assistant at the end of the dais, along with printed copies of PowerPoint presentations or other documents you intend to show the Board. 
  3. The Board Chair has discretion to arrange the order of testimony, and you may be grouped by subject matter, issue of concern, or group affiliation.
  4. The Chair may set time limits for oral testimony at public hearings on regulatory items.  Group representatives are typically allotted ten minutes, and individuals testifying on their own behalf are typically allotted three minutes; however, the Chair has the discretion to set longer or shorter time limits.
  5. The Chair may require individuals with similar or related positions to divide available time and avoid duplicative testimony.  Individuals ordinarily will not be allowed to yield their allotted time to another person offering testimony.
  6. Time allotted to speakers on non-regulatory items is also at the Chair’s discretion. Public testimony is typically not permitted on reconsideration requests (as opposed to a public hearings to reconsider an item), contract awarding, work sessions, briefings, and roundtable discussions.
  7. Only one individual may serve as the representative of a group (such as a civic or homeowner’s association) for purposes of requesting additional time to speak. Other speakers who would like to testify in support of a group’s position are allotted time to speak in their individual capacity, but should identify their affiliation or support of that position at the time they sign up to testify so speakers with similar views may be heard at the same time where feasible.
  8. Written copies of testimony presented orally or copies of correspondence will not be distributed at the hearing. 
  9. All materials (PowerPoint and other electronic presentations, letters, photos, maps, etc.) that are shown during public hearings will be entered into the official record and will not be returned.

Testimony is NOT permitted for grayed out items
Affiliated group/agency:
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Speaker type:*

See time allocation below
Subject of testimony
Group Represented (if applicable)
Is your testimony in support of any other individual or group testifying today? yes    no
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Submit written testimony to the Planning Board. If you cannot attend the hearing but would like to submit written testimony to the Planning Board, please send your comments via email or fax to 301-495-1320 at least 24 hours before the hearing.

For more information about the way Planning Board hearings are conducted, please refer to the Planning Board rules of procedure.

Questions about signing up to speak? Contact the Planning Board assistant.

Minutes allotted per speaker type

  Regulatory cases Master Plans/Public Hearings
Adjacent property owner 5 3
Community association representative 10 3
Government official 7 3
Individual 3 3