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Customer Service Survey

How are we doing?

Please help the Montgomery County Planning Board and its professional planning staff improve its services by completing this brief survey.

1. Recently, I interacted with: (check all that apply)
Planning Board/Planning Board chairman or staff/Community relations
Development review/zoning
Community planning (master planners)
Historic preservation
Environmental planners (forest conservation, NRI)
Transportation planners
Other/not sure                 Please explain:
                                                                          (Maximum characters: 200)   You have characters left.)
2. I would describe staff response time (e.g., e-mails and phone calls returned within 24 hours) as:
Very good
Below average
3. Staff was knowledgeable, courteous and provided helpful suggestions to advance my project.
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
Somewhat disagree
Strongly disagree
4. In what role were you visiting the Planning Dept.?
Government agency staff
Real estate professional
Other                         Please specify:
5. Please provide additional feedback about your experience working with us (optional):

(Maximum characters: 1000)   You have characters left.)
Thank you. Your responses will be collected and considered by the Office of the Planning Director.