European Union wants AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine delivery rate quickened

The race for getting the required vaccine is on, with the EU urging major manufacturers to do more. AstraZeneca has been advised not to renegade on the agreed delivery date and supplies agreed with EU members.  EU implores Vaccine developer to hasten production before March  The EU has pledged with UK pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca to hasten its supply of the COVID-19 vaccine amidst crises of shortage and production impediment. The pharmaceutical company has annoyed the EU bloc by suggesting it could not deliver the agreed vaccine doses agreed with member nations with the quarter. AstraZeneca has consistently blamed production factors at European factories but the EU bloc will have none of it. They have suggested that such shortages could be disastrous to the economy.  The European Union has been blamed for the slow distribution of these vaccines. Though a privacy clause forbids the disclosure of the complete terms, between both parties, AstraZeneca has insisted it could only deliver... See more